April 2023

JENTL shares new EP "Terminal," out now

Brooklyn-based electronic dreampop artist JENTL enlists producers Ronnie DiSimone (Dasiy The Great, Sam Setton), Brian Squillace (LANNDS), and drummer Dan Konopka (OK Go) for debut EP.



Living between a dream and reality is often a place most people find it hard to exist, but Alt-R&B singer, songwriter, and producer JENTL (born Darren Dominique Davis), finds that space one of comfort and inspiration. A sound all too hard to classify – dreamy, textured, multi-genre’d, loud, soft, vulnerable, unapproachable and uniquely himself at the same time, the artist, formely of electronic band Dearling Physique, has re-emerged once again. [Read Full Bio]

His new EP “Terminal” filters through negative emotions that compounded during the pandemic. Originally a narrative he wasn't sure was worth sharing, the creation process acted as a filter to purify thoughts, wants, and desires. The result? Big time atmosphere. 

Speaking on the project, JENTL shares:

"The sound of the EP is dreamy, washed out, and a bit tapey. I was inspired by shoegaze (Cocteau Twins, Autolux), and modern alt-pop (Tame Impala, Yves Tumor, FKA Twigs). The intention wasn't to give power to negative emotions, but rather tell the story of someone who managed to come out stronger on the other side of a weird time.

"Terminal" is streaming everywhere now.

JENTL is an independent, self-managed artist. Contact JENTL for more information at:


Terminal Artwork

April 7, 2023

1. Better For Me* (Stream | WAV
2. To Lose (Stream | WAV)
3. Elephant (Stream | WAV)
4. Hearts A Maze* (Stream | WAV)
5. Goodbye Crimes (Stream | WAV)
*Lead Singles